Southern Uplands Partnership

Non-profit organization website



The client

The Southern Uplands Partnership is a non-profit organization in Scotland. Pip Tabor has been with the partnership since it started in 1999. He is skilled in developing and managing environmental and community projects; securing project funding and advising on conservation projects.

The solution

The old website had an old design and was considerably out of date. Pip wanted a website that was fresh and vibrant which could last a long time. More images were added as well as a fresh website structure allowing for ease of navigation.



I did a lot of research into this type of website as I wanted to make sure it reflected the organization and its values. Working closely with members from the organization, I made sure to design a website that was eye-catching and showcased the work they are doing. Each project has its own page and visitors can easily access their research, news, publications and social media feeds. After a few months we ended up with a beautiful website. Pip has received a lot of positive feedback and I am particularly proud of how this website turned out.

Project overview

There is a project overview page which showcases all the organizations current projects. There is a page beneath all of these projects containing further information on the project and images related to it.

Keeping up to date

The news section and related articles keep visitors up to date. There is a page beneath each news item where visitors can read more about what is happening and coming up. News articles can be added easily via the WordPress dashboard.