Helen Tabor Paintings

Scottish artist website



The client

Helen Tabor is a Scottish Painter that lives and works in the Scottish Borders. She has been painting professionally for the past 23 years, where her paintings are greatly sought after throughout the UK.

The solution

Helen wanted a professional website that showcased her paintings by category. It needed to be a visual website by design, with room to show off her amazing paintings and exhibitions. She also wanted to be able to easily add and edit the website herself, as she frequently created new paintings and showcased at upcoming exhibitions.



The website resulted in a professional and easy to navigate website. People who are interested in Helens work can now easily view her available work and contact her about them. In addition, at the bottom of each page they can sign up and receive information about her latest exhibitions and paintings.

Personal video section

Helen also wanted to include some videos discussing her inspiration and thought process when she in painting.

Gallery category sections

We also showcased her paintings by category. This makes it easy for people who are interested in Helens work to find the paintings they are interested in most effectively.