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I offer web design services in Forres for businesses in and around Forres. I take extra care in the web design process and build stylish, modern and responsive websites that are extremely fast that get results.

Detailed web design in Forres

I offer detailed web design services in Forres. I have an intense interest in designing and building products that live on the web. My goal is to deliver businesses a stylish and modern website that stands out from others that results in more bookings, enquiries and sales.

I started designing and building websites back in 2016 whilst at Edinburgh University. Since then, I have designed and created many websites for projects and clients.

Web Design Forres - How I design my clients websites

The first step I take when working on a web design project is to research your business and audience to get an understanding of what you need in a website. I will then discuss some ideas and the key components required in the website specific to your business niche.

I always like to design websites from a blank canvas, making the design bespoke and unique to your own business. This allows me to incorporate all of the components and to build a website to your exact requirements and taste. This is why I always first craft the design using a design tool prior to development.

The websites I build are fast and responsive. My job is to make the websites I build perform whilst also capturing attention. Having worked on many projects over the years, I will make sure to deliver a fast, stylish and modern website. 

My web design approach

I view websites as a product and platform to showcase you and what your business has to offer. People who visit your website want to know more about the product and services that you provide, and my aim is to make sure your visitors get the best possible experience when they arrive.

I take a lot of inspiration from modern day apps that flow from one section to the next. I really focus on making websites feel this way by taking extra care when designing the layout, navigation and final animations.

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Frequently asked questions

Approximately 1-3 months. The time often depends on the different design revision rounds before the website build.

No! I work with clients all over Scotland and communicate with them over email and video calls.

Yes, I will show you how to edit the website yourself with some tutorials once the project is complete.

You. I don’t own any of the website. I give the client full admin rights to it after the project is complete.

Yes! When I launch a new website I carry out an initial website optimisation process which includes making sure that all pages have the necessary page titles, meta descriptions as well as adding an XML sitemap, configuring Google Search Console and adding SSL certificates.

Yes! After every web design project I include a training session showing you how to use the website and what you need to do.

jake hamilton about

Hi there! My name is Jake Hamilton and I’m a freelance web designer and developer. Feel free to get in touch for a chat about your web design project!