What I do

About me

I grew up in Nairn near Inverness, and later moved to Edinburgh to study. I first started crafting websites back in 2016 whilst at Edinburgh University. Since then, I have designed and created many websites for projects and clients.

Web design and development

I love designing products that live on the web. In my free time I am always crafting new websites as a hobby and searching the web for design inspiration.

Creating WordPress websites

I build WordPress websites that are visually appealing that get you more enquiries, bookings and sales. I find it to be the best tool for my clients.

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What is my process?

My process

When I’m working on a new project I always follow a specific process. I always discuss each stage of the process with the client as I progress through them so that the client is informed and always on the same page.

What do I use?


I like to use the best software when building new updated websites for my clients.

Questions from clients


Here is a list of questions I often get asked.

Approximately 1-3 months. The time often depends on the different design revision rounds before the website build.

Yes, I will show you how to edit the website yourself with some tutorials once the project is complete.

You. I don’t own any of the website. I give the client full admin rights to it after the project is complete.

Yes! When I launch a new website I carry out an initial website optimisation process which includes making sure that all pages have the necessary page titles, meta descriptions as well as adding an XML sitemap, configuring Google Search Console and adding SSL certificates.

Yes! After every web design project I include a training session showing you how to use the website and what you need to do.