Peter Bakes

A baking recipe website for GBBO winner 2020



The client

Peter Sawkins is a passionate baker and is the youngest winner of Great British Bake Off. He has released a couple of cookbooks already detailing his tastiest recipes.

The goal

Peter has over 250k followers on Instagram and he needed a space to write and publish more in-depth recipes for people to enjoy. Peter approached me to create a design for his website and add the functionality he needed with room to add more functionality as his website grows in the future. Since Peter has a lot of recipe categories, he needed a fast website that separated each recipe into multiple categories with ease of navigation. Notably, the website had to be mobile responsive as the majority of people would view the website through a mobile device reading the recipes.



Working closely with Peter, I came up with a lighter design for the website using colours from his new book. I have created a recipe catalogue page containing every recipe where the categories are easily accessible from the navigation menu and sidebar sections. The website is also extremely fast and navigable on all screen sizes keeping viewers engaged. I’ve also included recipe cards on each recipe page with print functionality. In addition, I’ve added search functionality to the header that instantly loads the search results making it easy for viewers to find the recipes they want. The end result is a website that turned out extremely well, and Peter can’t wait to start adding his delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy!

Recipe catalogue page

This is the recipe catalogue page which contains all of Peters recipes by category. The page also contains a load more button which will instantly load more recipes on the same page.

Recipe page

The recipe pages contain in-depth data and descriptions of the recipe along with the ingredients lists and directions. Each page also contains a sidebar which contains information about Peter, recipe search functionality and recipe categories for ease of access.

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