Health Blog

A personal health blog



The client

This is a concept project that was created as part of an exercise to show my clients what I can do for them. Therefore, this website wasn’t created by request, but as a means to showcase a dynamic blog website that can easily be updated from the backend.

The goal

My goal with this website was to create a bespoke personal blog that offered dynamic functionality whereby the client could easily create and update posts efficiently in the backend.



The blog ended up with a image header on every page. This sets the tone before the visitor starts reading. On the Home page you can see 3 featured posts, a newsletter subscribe form, the most recent blogposts and a sidebar. The sidebar itself is a perfect place for a personal introduction, and a way to showcase other products and favourite posts.

Category pages

On this blog, pages can be easily created based on certain categories.

Blogpost bottom

At the bottom of each blogpost, users can filter through the various different posts or share it on social media. Furthermore, users can view related articles if they want to read more.

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